Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Work only on this website, you can use the website or the Republic of Turkey with the aim corresponding laws and regulations in force in the country where you enter and if you stay true to the site's terms of use.

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www.erenrentacars.com domain name, reservation and sales system applied on this web site, the general appearance and design of the site with all kinds of content, visual and material ownership of the site belongs to Eren Rent A Car and are under legal protection. These may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, used or uploaded to another computer without the written permission of the trademark owners of Eren Rent A Car or Eren Rent A Car licenses. This website or the pages, systems, contents, materials, etc. It cannot be used without permission on another website. Otherwise, all legal and criminal responsibility is required, Eren Rent A Car all other rights not mentioned here.

No liability shall be accepted for any direct or indirect, special, punishable and exemplary losses and damages which may be incurred due to the information contained in this website. Eren Rent A Car has the right to refuse to give the car rental and renting, regardless of the reason. The user agrees and undertakes that he will not claim any right, receivable and / or loss compensation arising from the non-realization of the car lease. The completion of the reservation and / or payment transactions on the site will not guarantee that the rental will be realized and the car rental will be finalized by signing the Car Rental Agreement to be concluded in the rental office following the approval of Eren Rent A Car . Group of vehicles offered for rent, model, equipment, color, etc. It may be different from vehicles reserved or vehicles with images on the site.