Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The conditions end the Age of Renting a Car

Having of the following ages:  
The age of 21 for the vehicles of economic group ( As R.Clio, Hyundai Era,VW Polo etc.)
The age of 25 for the vehicles of middle group (R.Megane, Fiat Linea,VWJetta, VW Golf etc.)
The age of 27 for the vehicles of super group (Ford Mondeo, VW Passat etc.)
The age of 30 for the vehicles of luxury group. (BMW, Mercedes C180 etc.)

Deposit ( Using of Credit Card)

It is being demanded that our customers who rent a car to have a credit card arranged on behalf of them during renting. It may be blocked as pre-provision at least 750 TL for the vehicles of economic group, 1000 TL for the vehicles of middle group, 1500 TL  for the vehicles of super group according to the group of the vehicles rented. (It is blocked as provision at least 1500 TL from two different credit cards (from two different bancs) for the vehicles of the serial of Mercedes Benz C and BMW 3 and the uppers). These figures are the least amounts, and the office authorities can block a higher figure according to criteria of the brand of the car, the number of the day of renting, during delivery of the car. It is informed the related bank in written to cancel the blocs, when renting transaction finishes. Your are not obliged to pay these blocks to the banks as they are not the sale process.

Duration of the driving licence

Having of driving licences of 2 years for the vehicles of economic group
Driving licences of 3 years for the vehicles of middle group
Driving licences of 5 years for the vehicles of super and luxury groups.
You can receive the vehicle in case you possess driving licence and credit card for the raison that it will be demanded preconditions stated above during renting process.

How I can receive my receipt?

It is terminated your contract and it is arranged your receipt within at the latest seven workdays and your receipt is sent your e-mail address through e-mail.

The service and products which are excluded from Eren Rent A Car Prices

Complete accident insurance (Top Cover CDW)

In case of accident, 2000 TL removes the responsibility of hirer and it includes within the scope of guarantee, need of police report the damages happened without depending to collision, (parking, tire, glass-headlight damages, etc), and that are equivalent up 2000 TL.

Insurance of Tire, Glass, Headlight (TGH)

It contains the risks of happening of the damages in the glasses and tires of the Vehicle.  You can choose the TGH Insurance when you make reservation of vehicle.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

It pays the treatment costs of the passengers who are in the vehicle; within the bounds of limits. It contains the treatment costs and warrant of death and permanent disability which are per accident and personal.

You can choose the PAI Insurance when you make reservation of vehicle.

Cancellation insurance

By this insurance you will receive through your payment of 20 TL, your payment in the amount stated in cancellation process happened up to 12 hours you will hire by this insurance,  will be underwent  interruption and the rest will paid back to you unconditionally.

Theft Insurance

It guarantees the job loss insurance arisen within the period of stealing of the vehicle and the Insurance’s payment.

Third Party Liability Insurance

Material damages for third party arisen by the cars are within the scope of guarantee and within the limits determined by the compulsory traffic insurance. You can augment this limit up to 100 000 TL per accident. You can buy this insurance by paying 10 TL per one day.


The vehicles are delivered whenever possible with empty fuel tank and it is liked to receive with empty fuel tank. The amount of the difference between receiving fuel oil tank level and delivering fuel oil tank level will be demanded from lesser adding a service price at the rate of between  25% -30% depending on fuel oil prices. Delivering of the vehicle with the level of fuel that is at the same level with that of receiving the car will be much more economical for the lesser.


Additional Driver


It can be registered 1 driver for one contract without demanding of any price (except for deposits prerequisite) in case it is showed the driver licence and it is observed the renting precondition. It is demanded a price of 30 TL per one day for each driver who is surplus of 1 driver.

Baby and Child Seats

It is being ensured baby and child seats for the vehicles. Our responsible persons of reservation will inform you in case you state during your reservation.