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Terms & Conditions

  • 21 years old for economy group vehicles (Renault Clio, Hyundai I20,VW Polo etc.)
  • Age 25 for medium group vehicles (R.Megane, Fiat Egea, VW Jetta, VW Golf etc.)
  • 27 years old for upper group vehicles (Ford Mondeo, VW Passat etc.)
  • Official identity card of our rental customers at the time of vehicle delivery.

They must be submitted.

  • Citizens of the Republic of Turkey should have their identity card with them.
  • Foreign customers should have their passport (visa or residence) document with them.

Deposit / Blocked

Eren Rent A Car applies a blocking system according to the vehicles rented by the customers. Since these blocks are not a sales transaction, they do not have to be paid to the bank.

Our rental customers must have a digital credit card with Visa, MasterCard, American Express logo issued by their own domestic or foreign banks.

Individuals who have rented before and do not have a credit card can give a <cash block> within the permission of the operations department officer and 15 days after the vehicle is delivered, any damage, fine, toll, etc. If there is no debt, the <cash blocked> is returned to the bank account number specified by the rental individual, deducting the cost (transfer and EFT transaction).


1. Final Reservation:

  • 1.1. Online reservation: You can complete your reservation process in 3 steps by visiting
  • 1.2. Reservation by Phone: You can make a reservation on the phone by calling the Eren Rent A Car Call Center "+90 384 271 30 77".
  • 1.3. Office Reservation: You can make a reservation by visiting our nearest offices. As Eren Rent A Car team, we are happy to welcome you, our valued guests.

In order for us to serve you better, please make a reservation at least three hours in advance. Reservations for which the rental price is paid in full or the pre-authorization fee is paid are considered as final reservations.

2. Vehicle Pickup and Delivery Rules:

2.1. Vehicle pick-up before the reservation date (time).

In case of picking up the vehicle before the reservation date, you must inform our Call Center by calling +90 384 271 30 77. The current pick-up time will be taken into account as the vehicle pick-up time.

2.2. Vehicle pick-up after the reservation date (time):

For reservations whose reservation date (time) has passed, the vehicle is kept waiting until 1, and if you pick up the vehicle within this period, the reservation date is taken into account as the current pick-up date.

Reservations exceeding 1 hour will be canceled automatically by the system and the rental fee will be invoiced to you. (Except for compulsory situations)

2.3. In cases where you cannot receive the vehicle you have booked due to special reasons (late arrival, accident), a vehicle from the same group or a higher group will be allocated. In case of a mishap in the vehicle allocation process and not being able to deliver the vehicle, a gift voucher worth 50% of the total amount you paid during the reservation will be given.

If the vehicle is returned after the return date and time, no fee will be charged for delays up to 1 hour. 1/3 of the daily rate for delays exceeding 1 hour, 2/3 of the daily wage for delays exceeding 2 hours, and a daily rental fee for delays exceeding 3 hours.

3. Rental Extension Request:

In order for the extension of the car rental period to take place, the renter must take action and inform via the Eren Rent A Car website or the Call center at least 24 hours in advance. The approved rental period extension request will be calculated over the current daily amount. A service fee of 3 times the rental price will be charged for the extended rental day without approval or information.

4. Refusal of Payment by Insurance Companies:

a. In cases where it is determined that the renter was alcoholic and/or under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident,

b. In cases where the traffic accident record is not issued and the alcohol report is not received,

c. Traffic accident report, alcohol report, license photocopies of the vehicles involved in the accident, traffic insurance policy photocopies, photocopies of driver's licenses, good manners determination report and statements and other documents requested by the LEASOR shall be fully and completely completed within 3 days at the latest from the date of the accident. If a cannot be presented,

d. Traffic laws and/or 4.4. In case of intentional accidents, in case of using a vehicle contrary to the matters listed in the article,

e. To in accidents and/or damages that occur as a result of the use of the vehicle other than the TENANT and the driver(s) determined as an additional driver in the rental agreement,

f. In cases where damage and loss amounts are not paid for any reason and/or insurance companies do not make payments for any reason, in accordance with the general conditions of the Compulsory Liability Liability Insurance and/or automobile insurance policies of the Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of Turkey. In order to benefit from the aforementioned guarantees, the TENANT must submit the documents specified in subparagraph (c) to the LEASOR in full. Otherwise, these guarantees cannot be benefited from, and the LESSOR is also authorized to request and collect the rental fees for the period up to the date of submission of these documents in full and in full. It is not possible to benefit from the scope of assurance by declaration. However, in the event that the Tenant receives quick damage (Mini Damage) assurance, the damages to be incurred on the vehicle due to the damage must be within the scope of the motor insurance/insurance conditions published by the Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of Turkey in force at the date of the damage/incident, the limits being limited to the limits specified in Annex-1. may be covered by a declaration.

Fuel Policy

When vehicles are delivered with a full tank of fuel, they are received with the same amount of fuel. However, if a lack of fuel is detected when the vehicle is received, the missing part will be requested according to the current fuel price and a service fee of 40 Turkish Liras will be requested. For vehicles whose full tank is not delivered, fuel will be requested at the time of return, equal to the amount of fuel delivered. In case of fuel less than the amount of fuel delivered, the missing part will be taken according to the current fuel price and no service fee will be charged. In case of excess fuel, there is no cash refund. A gift voucher will be given instead.

Extra Fees

Rented vehicles are delivered with spare tire, tool kit, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and chain equipment depending on weather conditions. The delivered equipment is specified in the rental contract. For the equipment that is found to be missing during the return, the invoice price will be requested from the renter. In addition to the equipment, the vehicle ignition key and vehicle license are delivered with the rental agreement. A transaction fee will be requested from the renter for the lost key and vehicle license.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

Reservation changes are made according to vehicle and program availability. In the reservation change, the vehicle change can be made up to 48 hours before the rental start time, taking into account the price difference. In case of reservation cancellation, if the cancellation request is notified to us up to 48 hours before the purchase time of the vehicle, the total amount paid for the rental is declared to the credit card paid according to your request or by e-mail to within 7 working days. will be refunded to your bank account.

In the event that the vehicle is canceled without notice and / or the cancellation request is notified 24 hours before the vehicle purchase time, 20% of the payment amount will be canceled and the remaining amount will be returned to the declared credit card or bank account.

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