Kayseri Erkilet Airport Car Hire

Kayseri Erkilet Airport

Mount Erciyes and Ali Dağ, Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls,
Kayseri, which has many natural beauties to visit in the vicinity of Sultan Sazlığı and Aladağlar National Park, is the frequented address of outdoor sports, campers and photographers. On the other hand, with its rich cuisine and comfortable accommodation options, the city has become a very touristic center and has all the features expected from a tourism destination. Erciyes winter tourism festival, Sarıoğlan district 16 May national and cultural events festival, Akkışla new yogurt festival, Başakpınar Çalçukur festivals, Traditional 8th rice festival, Yeşilhisar culture and apricot festival, Dadaloğlu culture and art festival, Evliya festivals, Sıtmapınar festival, Traditional 6.pilav festival, Expats festival, Kayapınar expats festival, Isabey village longing festival, Farm culture and folk festival, Traditional lovers seyrani culture and art festival, Yamula eggplant culture festival, Yemliha eggplant and culture festival, Bağpınar pilav festival, Himmetdede cultural and folk festival, İncesu grape festival and Traditional 2nd walnut festival are organized for rural tourism activities. As nature tourism; With its rich nature and wildlife, Erciyes, Sultan Marshes, Yay Lake, north of Yahyali, offer untouched resource values ​​for Turkish and world tourism.
Zamantı River canyons east, south Aladaglar National Park, Seven Lakes Aksu, Turkey's most spectacular canyons and waterfalls Kapuzbaşı Team, adds value to the value Yahyali.